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He’s known for his many TV and radio appearances and has been interviewed by important stations such as Fox, ABC, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and Reuters. Marion conde, the counsel of attorney has worked in the Miami Dade District Attorney’s office and contains also practiced law. Ezra can also be reported to have practiced law in New York State and Federal Courts. Graduated in the University of Columbia, he is known to have worked many high profile customers.

You might feel uneasy signing a prenup agreement up with someone you love, nonetheless, it is the only way to protect your valuable assets and properties.To receive new information on new york prenuptial agreement lawyer please go to prenup lawyer NYC . There is no reason appear odd discussing about prenups with your partner or to feel embarrassed. Whether it is you or your partner, you both have the right to review each other’s assets and obligations before union. This can help you from falling over properties in future into disputes and fights. You can call Storobin Law Firm if you’ve no clue on how to settle problems that are legal.


Storobin Law Firm is a reputed company in the business that is legal and contains several years of expertise. The company hires only the best new york prenuptial agreement lawyer that are qualified and exceptionally experienced. This means that you just get to take care of the greatest attorneys whenever you go to them. The business is headed Ezra Glaser, David Storobin, Marion Conde, and by three renowned lawyers. Storobin is regarded as a legal advantage and is the former senator of Nyc.

Offering the finest and guaranteed prenup services at an extremely affordable cost, the Nyc law firm is absolutely the best for anyone who needs an attorney. You can call them up now and get free consultation and guidance,

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