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DealDash is a bidding-auction website that has its own bases in Finland and the USA. Since its institution in 2009, it has grown into one of the best auction sites in the world; it’s also among the longest-running auctions-bidding- shopping site. Through time, customers have improved and so has the organization’s reputation. Since the company adds new and exciting features today and then, it attracts new clients on a standard basis.

Recently, DealDash published a media release from Business Wire about a few new elements and changes in the auction site. So, regular clients and potential clients may go to the website once and read the media release. It’s evident that prospective bidders and buyers will be excited when they understand all the details.

At Dealdash Press release clients get to purchase bids at a really minimal price. You can get bids in 60 cents. You might also purchase bids in packs to get more offers and discounts. Since the web site provides high chances of winning, you can win a lot with only one bid.



DealDash offers great advantages for its users. You can bid on as many goods as you desire. If you don’t win the auction, then you can get your bids back. You can again make use of the bids for new auctions. Collecting the things you want is simple and easy. When you have registered at the website, you can visit My Dashboard and click on the Won Auctions. This way you can claim the things you have won.To acquire more information on Businesswire please head to

DealDash program can now be downloaded from The App Store absolutely for free. The program will make it easier and convenient for consumers to bid and shop. So, stop searching for excuses and download the DealDash program now on your own iPad or iPhone. It comes with lots of advantages and no disadvantages.

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